Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Photos

New Photos

I have added several photos to my “Portraits” album including ones from both the primary and secondary schools. Classes are winding down and students are mostly practicing their dance routines for their graduation ceremonies.

I have also created a new "Pets” folder where you can see children with a variety of animals. This time of year it is easy to capture young, wild animals found while working on ranches, collecting firewood or while hunting. The Yucatan’s yellow-lored parrot is the most common wild animal that becomes a pet, however occasionally you will see families with white-tail deer and young coatis, or pizotes as they are known locally.



J. Rowsey said...

I love the pet pictures, having 6 pets myself. Although I must say that I don't have a deer....yet. Keep the good pics. coming.

Betsy said...

The pets are great, but the portraits are my favorite, especially of the little kids in school. Thanks for sharing these!