Friday, June 27, 2008

Anthropology at AHS

While teaching Spanish Honors classes this, my first year at Athens High School, I proposed an anthropology class and it was accepted. So far I have only found one other school in the state to offer such a class. There has been a lot of interest and 42 students have signed up to take it. Like many high schools, AHS already offers sociology and psychology, but finally, the little-known field of anthropology will get exposure. This opportunity for students will give much needed publicity for a field that offers a more in depth look at the holistic context within which human nature exists. Anthropology’s unique scope will give students have a better understanding of the complexities of human nature—something that is absent from most high school curriculums.

Click here to see the article about the class that appeared in student newspaper earlier this year.


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J. Rowsey said...

Oh you anthro types :-)