Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Youth Photo Exhibit a Success

Over a span of about an hour and a half some 100 people came out on July 2 to see the youth photo exhibit where we displayed 24 pictures at Xualtez’s town hall. The parents of the young people who exhibited their photos, along with dozens of other community members, came to enjoy their artwork. Below you can see a picture from the event and to see more you can click on the slideshow on the right called “Xualtez Photography Project” In the same album you can see them preparing their pictures for the exhibit. There is also an album called “Youth Photography” that contains photos they have recently taken, some of which will be used for a future exhibit.



Andrew Smith said...

Hey Todd, Good work on your Blog

I think that what your doing to re-valorize the Mayan culture is great. I am trying to do the same with Quechua here in Bolivia. Every 3rd word in Quechua is Spanish.

Indigenous people need to be educated and challendged to find their own under development solution.

When I have more time, I will take a deepr look at your blog.

Betsy said...

Todd, what you're doing there is fantastic. Will the photos be shown anywhere else? It would be cool to get them shown in Merida, maybe.